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Roi and Mechanical Cabaret's Linktree

14/10/23: Tour news & new music

We are going to be playing a short run of UK live shows with our old friends Mesh in January 2024! We first supported them back in 2006 on a European tour, then again in 2007 in Germany, so it's a real blast from the past to be asked to play with them again, this time together with the band Auger supporting as well. Hope to see some of you at one or more of these special shows, in Glasgow, Manchester and London, where we will be giving a first airing to some brand new Mechanical Cabaret songs, which Roi has been busy writing and recording this year, along with a naughty but nice pick 'n mix selection of songs from our 9 albums released so far (never an easy job!)

Tickets are available here from Ticketmaster

Also, Roi has composed and recorded new music for a short film on behalf of the Beavertown Brewery 'Halloween' ad campaign, which is now showing in cinemas across the UK before the screenings of Exorcist Believe, Saw and other new horror movies too!


31/07/23: New single and LIVE show!

We are very much looking forward to playing our first live show since 2022 when we played an almost sold-out show at Black Heart in London: our next live gig is on Friday 1st of September at Cart and Horses in Stratford, East London, promoted by Triple Six Promotions; support comes from our friends Das Fluff, and Television Screams. Tickets are available from Ticketweb!

Also we have released a new single, our own special tribute to Ministry in the shape of a cover version of 'Revenge' from their 1st album, back in 1983. It's out now - hope you like it!



21/04/23: DJ dates & Roi's new Mixcloud DJ profile!

After performing keyboards for Killing Joke on their sell-out 2023 UK tour, ending in their phenomenal headline show at Royal Albert Hall last month, Roi is currently busy writing new songs for Mechanical Cabaret's next release, and DJing in London at The Woodman in Highgate most weekends. Also, Roi is now creating live DJ Mixtapes and uploading them for all to stream to their hearts content on Mixcloud; here's his latest one, a Hardbeat and Techno affair of some of Roi's favourites from these genres so dearly beloved to him...

Lately, Roi went to see Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones perform at Iklektik in London with their Sunroof project, supported by Nik Void and her new project, which he enjoyed immensely. You can catch Roi DJing next at the following dates at The Woodman in Highate, London: Fri 21st April, and Sat 6th , Fri 12th, Fri 19th and Sat 27th of May 2023.

2nd August 2022

Fresh from our support show playing with Front 242 in London, we will be playing a headline show in London on Saturday 24th September 2022 at Black Heart in Camden, to celebrate the release of the new "XXXtra" edition of our 'Death Trip Sex' album! It features the original tracks, plus 8 brand new remixes of songs from the album too, by David Baker (Komputer/Lonelyklown), Dawn Das Fluff, The Audacity, Scant Regard and MYCHINES.

Support comes from the fantastic Dead Audio Saints, The Pink Diamond Revue and Lonelyklown. Advance tickets available here and the event on Facebook is here https://fb.me/e/1JE9XNcgA


20th April 2022

On Saturday 16th July we have the honour of supporting Front 242 at their (now entirely sold-out, sorry) London show at the 02 Academy in Islington! One of our favourite bands no less, who I first came across in 1988 with the release of the phenomenal 'Headhunter' single at the time, so it really is a very personally special show for us to end up playing. Our rehearsals so far this year have been really wonderful, it's working so well having Tobie back in the band on live synth bass, and we're sounding very pleasingly 'phat' these days when we perform live.

I am collecting together the final remixes for a remix album based on the songs from last year's 'Deathtrip Sex' album, which I hope to release later this year, and I have been and am (possibly) collaborating with other musicianly magicians, and several actors too, on one or two other projects. More shall be said when and if there is more to say! Also I have been working with Killing Joke again, including a recent UK tour ending at Hammersmith Apollo, so I am currently recovering from that as you may well imagine.

More soon.




28th June 2021

On Friday 23rd of July 2021 our brand new album Death Trip Sex will be released on CD and digital. You can pre-order it here on our Bandcamp page, where you'll get a chance to download one of our new songs in advance of the release date!


1st August 2019

Our new album Disarmingly Charming will be coming out via our new label Zos Kia Records on September 1st 2019!

Pre-orders are now being taken on Bandcamp for the limited edition CD and download versions

Sept 1st is also the first date of our British tour, beginning in Bristol.

We're going to be travelling the Un-United Kingdom on a double-headline techno-industrial-rave-punk Merry-Go-Round,

together with the ALWAYS fabulosa Sheep On Drugs. Full dates and those all important ticket links are here...


12th July 2019

Our new album Disarmingly Charming will be coming out via our own label, Zos Kia Records, and is currently languishing at the pressing plant in bits and bobbins awaiting its manufacturing date. We hope all being well that we'll have it released in time for our tour this September. We're going to be travelling the Un-United Kingdom on a double-headline techno-industrial-rave-punk tour together with the (always bona & fabulosa) Sheep On Drugs.

Dates and ticket links here...

x Roi x


11th January 2019

2019 is our offical 20th anniversary year, so we are currently perusing the possibility of playing some special live shows to celebrate!

Also, I will be DJing at various locations in the UK and in Europe over the coming year, including frequent sessions at The Woodman in Highgate, London. My next DJ date is in Berlin on Sat 12th January at 'A Night Like This' in Eschschloraque, Rosenthalerstr. HH 39, 10178, Berlin.

To book me to DJ, or us to play a show in your town/city/home, contact me directly at roi@mechanicalcabaret.com

XX Roi


3rd January 2019

We're working on completing our new album, but now we have a title at last! Disarmingly Charming will hopefully be finished in the next few months... more soon! Back to the synths for now...



23rd May 2018

Our next live dates are:

May 31st 2018 - Hostile Environment, London, Underworld

June 16th 2018 - Black Rose festival, York, Fulford Arms

Plus, I will also be DJing at various locations in the UK over the coming months, including frequent sessions at The Woodman in Highgate, London.

I'm working on completing a new batch of songs to go towards a new album, hopefully due out before I go on tour with Killing Joke again playing synths for them from late August 2018.

Also, I have deleted our mailing list, so all updates and info will come via this website or my social media accounts from now on.

More soon!




December 21st 2017

To coincide with the Winter Solstice today, and as a potentially handy antidote to the plethora of 'jolly' Xmas music filling the air about us all currently, we've released the Drones EP, which is available now, exclusively from our Bandcamp page. It consists of three industrial drones which I performed and recorded on my trusty old Korg 800DV synth, my most favourite synthesizer, which I have had since my late teens no less(!) and features in some way on almost every single Mechanical Cabaret song I've made. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm starting a new club night called Nervous Energy, with Komputerdave from the band Komputer, and DJ Zaira. The first night is on Sat 27th Jan 2018, at Thousand Island, formerly Upstairs At The Garage, in London, and will feature Mechanical Cabaret playing a headline show too!


I'm also regularly playing an eclectic selection of tunes at my Saturday night sets at The Woodman in Highgate, and on Dec 9th 2017 I was guest DJ at Industrial/Goth/80s night Reptile in Archway. This Hogmanay/New Years' Eve I'm DJing in Glasgow at the Post-Punk/Darkwave club Stigmata https://www.facebook.com/events/183660588857182/

Have a jolly old festive frolic - see you next year!




November 16th 2017

Madames, Monsieurs, Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies unt Gentlemen...

Two years ago yesterday I played my first ever live Mechanical Cabaret show in JAPAN. It was a sell-out show and had a fantastic atmosphere, as you will hear... Steve couldn't be there, and thanks to my dear friend Agent Okojo/Raisu, the very talented Isawo Blacklove Phantom joined Mechanical Cabaret on live synths and metal percussion for this show. So, to commemorate this momentous occasion I hereby release a live album of that very show to honour it!


It's up on my Bandcamp at a (hopefully) reasonable 'mid-price album' cost of £4. I hope you enjoy it as much as I and the rather incredibly enthusiastic audience did! I really hope to go back there to play again some day.

I'm DJing a lot these days, in London mainly, and sometimes elsewhere too. I'm regularly playing an eclectic selection of tunes at my Saturday night sets at The Woodman in Highgate, but on Dec 9th 2017 I'm a guest DJ at Industrial/Goth/80s night Reptile in Archway, https://www.facebook.com/REPTILE-14576986607/?pnref=story and on Hogmanay/New Years' Eve I'm DJing in Glasgow at the Post-Punk/Darkwave club Stigmata https://www.facebook.com/events/183660588857182/

We're working on a couple of new songs in tandem right now; I've written them, begun programming and recording, and they're both past the demo stage, but will need further production tweaks and twiddles before we release them into the wilds of the World Wide Web for your perusal.

More soon!




November 7th 2017

I'll be DJing at various locations in the UK over the coming Wintery months, including frequent Saturday night sessions at The Woodman in Highgate, London, and at Stigmata in Glasgow on New Year's Eve! More Mechanical Cabaret Live shows will happen in 2018; if you're interested in booking me to DJ or the band to play a show, contact me directly at roi@mechanicalcabaret.com



Oct 10th 2017

Our next live show is on Friday October 27th 2017 in London at Dark Disco, in Kings Cross! Support comes from from Berlyn Trilogy, with DJs Electric Dream, Victoria Fenbane and Shai Rothfeld spinning all things Synth/Electronic, New Wave, Post Punk, Goth, New Romantic, Dark Wave, Industrial, Italo Disco, Euro Pop & New Beat. £5 entry to all who join the event on Facebook or it's £7 on the door... hope to see some of you there. X Roi


September 25th 2017

After playing a live set supporting Clan Of Xymox 10 days ago, we also played with She Past Away last Thursday night at The Garage in London to a sell out crowd of over 400 people. We had a great time! Next up for things Mechanical Cabaret-related is this Saturday night, 30th Sept, when I will be DJing at Dark Disco, at Surya in Kings Cross, London. I'll be DJing from around 1:00 in the morning for an hour, making the gathered throng disco dance darkly... here's the event on Facebook, hopefully see some of you there!



September 12th 2017

We're playing live this Friday 15th Sept 2017 in Manchester, supporting Clan Of Xymox at The Ruby Lounge - you can buy tickets here http://www.flagpromotions.co.uk/events/clan-of-xymox-days-of-black-tour-2017/ - we'll be performing a mixture of songs from our fabulous career in 'showbiz' so far (!) including our recent songs Black Mirror and Interesting Times, as well as Everything Is Energy, our new track, which is now also available from our Bandcamp page.

See some you there hopefully!



August 4th 2017

Interesting Times, our most recent single, is available now, only from our Bandcamp page.

We hope you like it!


Roi & Stephen


May 5th 2017

We just released a new single called 304 Holloway Road, via Bandcamp!

Hope you like it... more coming soon.




March 4th 2017

Spring has sprung and so have we. We’ve finally woken up our synthesizers, which have been hibernating throughout the cold winter months in the shed down the bottom of the studio garden, and Steve and I are currently in the midst of rehearsing, preparing, and generally getting things ready for our first live shows of 2017. The first of our gigs is headlining the Synth Wave festival at Zigfrid Von Underbelly in Hoxton, London on Saturday April 1st - you can find the event and ticket link for this here https://www.facebook.com/events/684501525037863/

Next up is a show in Manchester on April 20th supporting our old friends Mesh, at The Ritz https://www.facebook.com/events/346098849080533/

And thirdly, we shall be playing live in one of the original homes of British electronic music, home to The Human League and Cabaret Voltaire, Sheffield! On Friday May 5th we’re performing a headline show at a local electronic/alternative club called Night Shift https://www.facebook.com/events/1827677920805789/

There'll be another show announcement very soon too, for this coming September...

Ortonesque, our newest album release, came out in October 2016 and seems to have been going down pretty well with our fans so far, although it’ll be interesting to talk to some of you about it ‘in the flesh’ as it were, at our gigs; your opinions may well be more variable than we have been led to believe! So, our upcoming live performances will be peppered with a smattering of songs from Ortonesque, along with a selection of live favourites from our illustrious career so far in the perilous, terribly glamorous world that is the music 'business'...

In other news, Roi is currently busy writing new songs for the next album, and in fact has over half the songs written and demo’d so far. Also, after enjoying DJing a few times already this year in both London and Munich, he is planning to start DJing more again in the near future; DJing is something he has loved doing ever since 1991 when he began performing live and DJing in Cardiff at the Scream Inc ‘industrial culture events’ he used to co-run at the time. Steve is also busy in the studio, working on composing the instrumental soundtrack for an independent film due out later this year.

That’s all for now, see you at one of our shows...


October 7th 2016

Ortonesque released today

As you hopefully deduced from the headline, our new album Ortonesque was released today by WTII Records LLC.

Listen to it here, interspersed with clips from an interview I did recently with Rob Dyer of dsoaudio.com

The joyfully bright pink artwork and design is once again by the talented hand of one Mr Adam Cavill, together with photography by David Baker of Komputer, & Tanya Rafferty, and also features photos of a wall-sized collage made by myself especially for the album.

Mechanical Cabaret Ortonesque


Here's the track listing...


Astral Rejection

Illegal Alien

Living Things

Without Wonder

Beautiful But Boring

Neither Her Nor There

Guilty In Advance

Ripped Red Sails

Protect & Survive




And I'll leave it at that for now.

Hope you find our new release stimulating company in all manner of ways.


X Roi


2nd September 2016

LIVE in Holland - tomorrow

Well our Dutch gig has come around much faster than we thought! We're prepared for it, of course, but it feels like time has suddenly snapped forwards lately somehow, and this show felt much further away than it was before we began rehearsing for it. So, we're performing an exclusive live set at club night Oubliette in Delft, in Holland this Saturday night, 3rd September 2016. What will happen? Will they know any of our songs? Does that even matter? We'll be airing off some of our new ones from our new album Ortonesque, due out one month from now, as well as playing a slightly more danceable [for us] set to try and get the gathered throng moving and grinding lasciviously against each other, not just for their, but for our own, entertainment. Perhaps we'll see you there?


19th July 2016

Ortonesque release date, radio interview & LIVE

Our new album Ortonesque is due for release on October the 7th 2016! We are exhausted but happy with it and can't wait to release it into the wild, and Adam has done us very proud indeed with the artwork too.

On Wednesday 20th July Roi will be interviewed on Soho Radio.com by Mark Jones about electronic music and his influences, together with Rob Green of The Department - tune in around 2pm UK time to hear the show!


Also, if you're local to the west of England or feel like a jolly jaunt that way, we'll be performing live at Electric 3, hosted by our dear friend Gene Serene, in Frome, Somerset on July 21st 2016 - hope to see some of you there.




4th June 2016

New album news

Our new album Ortonesque is almost ready for public consumption. It's taken two years but we're absolutely over the moon with all eleven tracks on it; we just finished mastering the whole thing, and Adam is in the midst of completing the artwork currently. We're going to release it on Soiled, in conjunction with Wax Trax II again... more coming up very soon indeed.



24th November 2015

Back from Tokyo & a new single

I'm back from a truly unbelievable and thunderously fantastic adventure in Tokyo - a million thanks and eternal gratitude to my wonderful friend Raisu Karei for arranging things so expertly and looking after me in so many different ways & making sure I did as much as possible whilst I was there. Not least of course being the completely sold-out{can you believe!} live show I performed at Cult Heroes, together with the very talented Isawo on live synths and metal percussion, alongside the splendid Foxpill Cult, Kozi, Cytochrome and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Mies.

My second live show at Migon's club night I Am Electro, as well as my DJ sets side by side with my very dear friend Rob Dyer, were a truly excellent experience too, and the audiences at both shows were utter darlings all; thanks also to Naohiro from Bang On TV at Tower Records in Shibuya, who rather sweetly invited me to join him as a special guest on his TV show in a 40 minute long interview, together with the delightful Tommy from Group A, Foxpill Cult, and Noah from 101A. I had so much fun and took so many photos, I won't obliterate our website by posting them all here, but I have been popping some up on Facebook and Twitter, so head over there to catch a glimpse of what I got up to during my unforgettable visit. I sincerely hope I get to go out there and perform again someday, preferably sooner than later.

Mechanical Cabaret live in Tokyo

ROi and Isawo, performing live at Marble in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 14th 2015. Photo by Hisayo


Now, as you may have noticed from the front page of the site, we've just released a download only single of our cover version of Sabrina by Einstuerzende Neubauten, which I recorded earlier this year at the behest of N. U. Unruh from the band themselves, to perform live at their official annual Neubauten party in April. It's available only from Bandcamp, for just a mere 50p - I hope you'll enjoy it, meanwhile we're working hard on the new album still, which is coming together in its own peculiar, unexpected but interesting way, as it seems do all Mechanical Cabaret albums in the end - however long they may sometimes take! More soon, promise.



6th November 2015

Not one but TWO shows in Japan!

I am now performing twice in Tokyo - at the Cult Heroes night on 14th Nov and also at I Am Electro on Sun 15th!



30th October 2015

Last minute UK show confirmed

We've just confirmed we are playing a guerilla-style last minute set, opening for Toyah next Thursday evening, Nov 5th, at the Fleece in Bristol. We played with Toyah a few times some years back, and Steve and I think she's great, so we're more than happy to be asked back to play with her again... hope to see some of you there.



3rd October 2015

Live in Japan

Thanks to the concerted efforts, enthusiasm, support and love of our very very dear Agent Okojo in Tokyo, the wonderful Raisu Karei, I am over the moon and back again to announce that on November 14th 2015, Mechanical Cabaret/I will perform live in Tokyo for the first time ever.

Here is the Facebook event page for the full lowdown on what's happening with our show in Japan... https://www.facebook.com/events/1671318689772211/

I will also be DJing on Sunday 15th November at Tokyo club night I Am Electro!

Steve cannot make this show, so I will be enlisting the skills of one Mr Isawo Black Love Fantom on live synths for my show in Tokyo, who is busy practising and learning the set as I type this.

I can't wait to see what Tokyo will make of us, nor what I will make of Tokyo either. Rest assured, my camera will be fully charged for the trip!



6th August 2015

Another Agenda

The first Mechanical Cabaret album We Have An Agenda has now been re-released on WTII, in a newly remastered form, with 6 extra tracks and smart new digipack CD packaging, with artwork reworked by Adam Cavill.

Festival dates

Our next live shows are coming up very soon. We're really looking forward to playing at Infest Festival in Bradford at the end of the month, and the Electro-London festival promises to be a great night too, full of all kinds of current synth-based acts. Hopefully see some of you at one or the other - or both if you're hardcore.

Sunday 30th August - INFEST Festival, Bradford, England https://www.facebook.com/events/930015123688158/

Saturday September 12th - Headlining the ELECTRO LONDON Festival, Underbelly, London https://www.facebook.com/events/686348544803269/



17th June 2015


Our Bathgate show with Dead Eyes Opened was fantastic fun. Thanks a million to the wonderful Mark and Lizzie from Lizzie and the Banshees for putting us on - Dead Eyes are a great band and very lovely people too, as indeed were the audience, each of whom we'd love to thank personally in all manner of intimate kinds of ways. Til next time!

Here's the next lot of live shows we have coming up in the UK, in Brighton, Wales, London and oop North too. The first two are double header shows with the excellent Inertia... the other two are festival dates. We can't wait to do our little song and dance routines for the gathered throngs at these shows, which may even include a few old and new surprises along the way...

Thursday 23rd July - The Prince Albert, Brighton, England - double header with Inertia https://www.facebook.com/events/761271613990435/

Thursday 30th July - Fuel, Cardiff, Wales - double header with Inertia https://www.facebook.com/events/120393781626311/

Sunday 30th August - INFEST Festival, Bradford, England https://www.facebook.com/events/930015123688158/

Sunday 6th September - Chameleon Club, Nottingham - Double Header with Inertia

Saturday September 12th - Headlining the ELECTRO LONDON Festival, Underbelly, London https://www.facebook.com/events/686348544803269/



29th May 2015

Gigging again

Our next gig is at The Dreadnought in Bathgate, Scotland on June 13th - a double-headliner gig with Dead Eyes Opened. Thanks a million to Mark from Lizzie & The Banshees for putting us on, let's hope we can bring a good crowd... tickets available here, and this is the event on Facebook

Also, in August, for the first time ever, we'll be performing at INFEST festival in Bradford, UK. I performed live at the very first Infest in 1998 as half of electro-industrial synth duo Nekromantik. I'm very happy to have been asked to come and play at this year's event, and especially pleased to announce that Reza Uhdin of Inertia/Killing Joke fame will be playing live percussion with us too... and as an extra 'bonus' I will even be helping him host/ruin the Karaoke room he regularly runs there!


And on Sept 12th we're headlining the Electro London festival at Underbelly in Hoxton, along with a long list of other fellow synth-botherers...


Sadly the gig we were booked to play at The Garage in July has actually just been totally cancelled by the promoter Flag Promotions, so a thousand apologies for that to all who were intending to attend, especially if you bought advance tickets - we hope you can get refunded ok. If not, try contacting Flag Promotions, and perhaps they will help you get your money back.



7th May 2015

Goings & Comings


Sadly, Will Crewdson has decided to leave his post as drum-pad basher in Mechanical Cabaret. Both Steve and I are upset to have to see Will go, but totally understand and respect his wishes, and continue to back him 100% in all his endeavours. He's decided he would prefer to concentrate his energies fully on both of his own excellent bands, Scant Regard and She Made Me Do It [with Shaheena Dax], as well as continuing to play live guitar with Adam Ant and The Selecter and Sigue Sigue Sputnik/Martin Degville. All power to your guitar-slinging arm Will, and thanks a million for all your energies and efforts... you shall be missed.

... & COMINGS.

The new album 'Ortonesque' is coming along well, and we're deeply immersed within the heart of recording it. Steve and I are also very much looking forward to coming back out from the shadows to perform the string of live shows we have coming up, starting with our show in Bathgate, Scotland on June 13th.

More soon. Toodle-pip.



20th April 2015

Exclusive Live performance this Friday

At the official annual Einsturzende Neubauten party this Friday night in London, I'll be performing a brand new cover version of one of their songs! I'm on around 11.30pm at Electrowerkz in Angel, Islington, London N1...

X Roi

Mechanical Cabaret live at Einsturzende Neubauten party 2015

7th April 2015

New album & live shows

I've finished writing our new album, and have begun recording. We're calling it Ortonesque - this is due to my utter love of all things Joe Orton related, and this particular adjective has been doing the rounds in my head as a possible album title for years. Suddenly it seems an absolutely perfect fit given the nature and subject matters of the new songs I've written. Lets see how long this one takes - hopefully we'll have it ready this year some time, but you never can tell. It's going pretty well so far - well, so we think anyway. We could be completely wrong of course.

Our next gig is at The Dreadnought in Bathgate, Scotland on June 13th, a double-headliner gig with Dead Eyes Opened. Thanks a million to Mark from Lizzie & The Banshees for putting us on, let's hope we can bring a good crowd... tickets available here, and this is the event on Facebook


We're also, for the first time ever, performing at INFEST festival in Bradford, UK.

I performed live at the very first Infest in 1998 together with Martin Katscan when we were in our 'cybergothicdiscopunk' band Nekromantik. I'm very happy to have been asked to come and play at this year's event, and as an extra 'bonus' I might even be helping Reza Uhdin of Inertia/Killing Joke fame to host/ruin the Karaoke there too.

And finally... on Sept 12th we're headlining the Electro London festival at Underbelly in Hoxton, along with a long list of other synth-botherers - so that should be a right lark.

More sooner than later.




13th November 2014

Live shows & videos

Well we've almost sold out of our special limited edition EP of I Lost My Friend To A Video Game now - thanks a million to all who bought a copy from us, it really does help us directly when anyone buys one of our releases 'straight from the source' like this.

We are signed to WTII Records for the USA and South America, but as far as for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, we intend to release our music in this 'special edition' limited number of physical copies type of way, as well as via download, in the future too. It seems to us the most logical step given the situation with 'physical' music sales as it is. It's mainly just nice for us that our music gets out there and is listened to - it's great if we can earn a little currency from selling our wares from time to time, but obviously [we hope!] financial or commercial 'success' whatever that may mean to some, is not our motivation for music-making in the first, and last, place.

As we are almost bringing 2014 to a close, we just wanted to say an enormous interstellar sized THANK YOU to both Adam Cavill and Darren Feist, for making such excellent videos for us this year, on next to NO budget, for both our singles we released from our most recent album Beyond Science And Superstition. Watch them here or copy n paste the following to your browser http://mechanicalcabaret.co.uk/downloads.html

Also, we would like to formally welcome Will Crewdson to Mechanical Cabaret, who shall be joining Steve and I on stage for future live performances, playing electronic percussion with us. Will is normally better known for his fabulous guitar-slinging skills, and plays with a variety of bands including She Made Me Do It, Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant [the very same], Flesh For Lulu, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. We're very excited about the new energy Will is going to bring to the band for our live shows, especially if rehearsals so far are anything to go by!

Speaking of which, we have two live shows coming up to finish off the year with, right next-door to each other on Sat Dec 6th and Sun Dec 7th, in London. The first show is on Sat Dec 6th at the Renaissance Festival at Electrowerkz, Islington, and the tickets for which [from See Tickets] are only £11.00 each, with 18 bands playing in all, including us of course. The second gig on Sunday 7th Dec is at the beautiful St Pancras Old Church near Kings Cross, where we shall be playing with Black Volition and Naevus; tickets are just £6.60 for this exclusive show.

That's all for now... toodle pip!



1st September 2014

NEW single! AND new video too.

I LOST MY FRIEND TO A VIDEO GAME was released on September 1st 2014 as a limited edition 'Art box' CD single, exclusively available to buy only from our Tictail online store. This is an ultra limited edition release of just 100 copies only. Each copy comes in its own, uniquely vandalised/high-jacked video game packaging, with graphics designed by Adam Cavill, handmade, painted, hand-numbered and signed by Roi.

Adam has also been busy creating a fantastic video for the song, which you can watch here...

Mechanical Cabaret - I Lost My Friend To A Video Game from Roi MCabaret on Vimeo.

This song is by far the most popular track from our most recent album 'Beyond Science And Superstition', so we thought we would ask a few of our musical compadres to remix it, and release it as a special limited edition single.
The disc features 10 tracks, including several versions of the title song, as well as a brand new song we've recorded called 'Sex, Violence & Death'. Remixes come from our dear friends MESH, KOMPUTER, KATSCAN and a world exclusive: the first ever remix (of anyone's music) made by 'F**k It' author/main-man John Parkin (who wishes to be known in this regard as Fuck It Music)!

Inside, as well as the manufactured CD, is a printed fold-out insert on high quality silk-sheen paper, featuring more new graphics from Adam, credits/info for each track, and, for the for the first time anywhere, in print or online, the full lyrics to the song.

We hope you enjoy it all as much as we have enjoyed making it!


Roi and Steve

Monday 28th July 2014

Dirty Contacts 5 - with MCab LIVE

Dirty Contacts 5 is on Thursday August 7th 2014... Dave Baker from Komputer and Roi (ie. me) will be spinning all things ELECTRONIC, mainly from vinyl, to our monthly gathering of like minds at The Boogaloohttp://theboogaloo.co.uk/content/ in Highgate, from 9pm til 1am. 

Simon Leonard from Komputer, will be performing another special live solo set of new Komputer music, and I'll also be performing a few of my own songs live on the night too.

Here's Dirty Contacts 5 on Facebook: See you there!

Dirty Contacts 5

Friday 4th July 2014

LIVE in London this Sat night... with Sigue Sigue Sputnik!

Roi will be performing a live set this Saturday night, supporting the inimitable Martin Degville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik, along with Scant Regard, Cryogenica and Into The Ether, at Electrowerkz in Angel, North London.

Roi will be on stage around 20:30, and will be performing a few as yet unperformed live tracks (until now!) as well as a smattering of club hits, and even one or two old numbers he's dusted off lately... Tickets available here

Friday 27th June 2014

Dirty Contacts 4

The next DIRTY CONTACTS, the fourth in a series of electronic music nights DJ'd and hosted by Roi, and Dave Baker of Komputer/I Start Counting/Fortran 5, is on Thursday 3rd July at world famous North London music venue The Boogaloo.

Roi and Dave will be at the helm, playing a mixture of vintage and new Electronic music, and Simon Leonard, Komputer's other half, will perform a live solo set of brand new Komputer music! Also, Roi will sing a few numbers live, including the next Mechanical Cabaret single 'I Lost My Friend To A Video Game' and a new song too...

Dirty Contacts 4

Then on Saturday July 5th, Roi will be performing a solo Mechanical Cabaret live set supporting Martin Degville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic, along with Scant Regard, Cryogenica and Into The Ether, at Electrowerkz in Angel, North London. Tickets available here

Steve is away sunning himself in Portugal, so he won't be playing live synths at these two shows, but he'll be back on board SS Mechanical Cabaret for the next live shows coming up.

In other news, the forthcoming single/EP release of I Lost My Friend To A Video Game is almost ready to be released! It has ten tracks in all, including several rather interesting remixes of the title track by a few of our very good friends, and also features a couple of different versions of a new Mechanical Cabaret song too, called Sex Violence & Death. WTII Records will also be releasing this, but we at Soiled Records shall be releasing it first as a very Limited Edition CD with unique handmade packaging designed by Adam Cavill. More very soon...



Saturday 3rd May 2014

Next live show: May 10th

Roi will be playing another headline show on May 10th at Pipeline, in Shoreditch, East London. Hot on the heels of playing 2 live sets last week at Dirty Contacts, the new Electronic night he's running with Dave Baker of Komputer, his literal one-man 'Mechanical Cabaret' performance will be part of a phenomenal, jam-packed bill for Alice Aid - a fund raising night of alternative music and stand-up comedy in aid of the Madam Stan/Martin Gooch/Robert Rankin film project Alice On Mars

Roi will be on stage around 22:00 on Sat May 10th - hope to see you there!



Thursday 17th April 2014

Roi playing LIVE at Dirty Contacts May 1st!

Roi will be playing TWO unique, solo 'electro-cabaret' live sets at the next DIRTY CONTACTS, the new Electronic music night DJ'd and hosted by Roi and Dave Baker of Komputer/I Start Counting/Fortran 5! He'll be performing two different sets; the first one will be unique solo renditions of his songs, most of which have never been played live before until now! The other set will consist of a choice selection of Mechanical Cabaret songs, old and new...

As with the first Dirty Contacts, it's going to be held at world famous North London music venue The Boogaloo, and Roi and Dave will be at the helm, DJing a mixture of vintage and new Electronic music for your delight and aural pleasure... here's a link to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/421609781308337/?fref=ts and you can find the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/508029129319383/


Not only, but also: Roi to play LIVE in London's East End!!


Roi will also be performing a live show on May 10th at Pipeline in East London, as part of a phenomenal jam-packed bill for Alice Aid; a fund-raising night of alternative music and stand-up comedy in aid of the Robert Rankin film project Alice On Mars (check out the Indiegogo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alice-on-mars#home)

Here's what the organisers have to say on the subject!

Alice on Mars - The Movie presents: A night of sci-fi, steampunk and sprout-influenced alternative music & comedy...

Featuring live performances from:

Mechanical Cabaret
The King Elvises
+ Jack Psychosis
+ Rachel Rankin-Hayward
+ Cameron K McEwan ( Blogtor Who)

and the comedic delights of:

Andrew O'Neill - MC (The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing)
+ Jonathan Hansler
+ Kit Cox

plus special guests: writer Robert Rankin
& director Martin Gooch

Tickets: Early Kiwi Advanced tickets £9 Adv until midnight 30th April / £12.50 after from http:// aliceonmarsfundraiser.event brite.com/

100% of proceeds going towards the Alice in Mars Movie Fund - more info:https://www.indiegogo.com/ projects/alice-on-mars


Tuesday 26th February 2014

LIVE at Dirty Contacts

We're playing live in London at DIRTY CONTACTS, a new Electronic music night DJ'd and hosted by Roi and Dave Baker. The first ever DIRTY CONTACTS will be held on Thursday April 3rd 2014, at world famous North London music venue The Boogaloo. Roi and Dave Baker (Komputer/I Start Counting/Fortran 5) will be at the helm, playing a mixture of vintage and new Electronic music - and to help celebrate the opening night, Mechanical Cabaret will play an exclusive live performance, our first of 2014 in fact. Here's the event on Facebook - hope to see some of you there! xx



12th of December 2013

Why So Serious? New video!!

Thanks to the talents and time of photographer Darren S. Feist, Make-up artist William Casey and Dame Alabaster herself, we now have a new video for the song Why So Serious? taken from our brand new album Beyond Science And Superstition! https://vimeo.com/81708936

We hope you enjoy watching it, and if you haven't already, do feel free to show some support and buy our new album directly from us on CD http://mechanicalcabaret.tictail.com/ or as an official download https://sellfy.com/mechanicalcabaret

In the meantime, we wish you a fabulously festive and frolicsome time and hope to see you at one of our shows sometime in the new year!


Roi & Stephen


Monday 25th of November 2013

Live vid & things to buy

Thanks to all who helped to make our show supporting T'Pau and Blue Zoo on Saturday such a memorable one. We had a great gig, despite a synth dying on us 30 seconds before we took to the stage!

Also, we've been adding more items to our online shop so now you can order even more things from us here! And what's more, you can now buy a download version of our new album Beyond Science And Superstition from us for the bargainominal price of just £6:00!! Our official downloads will be available from now on via Sellfy & not our shop on Tictail, incidentally...

Here's a video from the night of us performing I Lost My Friend To A Video Game from our new album, which was made by our friend Dave Baker from the band Komputer - cheers Dave!


Wildest wishes,

Roi & Steve

Thursday 21st of November 2013

LIVE! this Saturday night...

We're performing a last minute, somewhat guerilla style support slot for Blue Zoo and T'Pau this very Saturday evening in London, due to the original band pulling out.


It's at Islington Assembly Hall, on Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2UD. Get there for 20:00 and you can see us performing LIVE in the flesh several of our new songs, from Beyond Science And Superstition, as well as a few 'fan favourites'...

What's more, if you go to the event on Facebook you will find that if you add yourself as 'going' you will be automatically put on the half-price entry list.

We will be selling our new album at the show, along with our T-Shirts and whatever we have left of our other releases...

Hope to see some of you on Saturday!


Roi and Steve

Friday 8th of November 2013

It's HERE!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen... the Limited Edition CD of our new album Beyond Science And Superstition has finally been delivered to Mechanical Cabaret HQ! Order it from our online store at Tictail.com


This is the Limited Edition 14 track version, released exclusively for the UK/EU market, featuring 4 extra tracks/remixes by the band and by Komputer [Mute Records].

Our new album has also been released as a standard 10 track album [Cat No: WTII091] by WTII Records in Chicago!

Here's the full track listing...
1. Kit Kat  2.Why So Serious?  3. Nothing To Hide  4. I Lost My Friend To A Video Game  5. Detox/Retox  6. The Death Of The Porn Queen  7. It Just Is  8. Well, I Never!  9. Out Of Sync  10. Hold On For Dear Life  11. Why So Serious? - Extended Mix  12. Kit Kat - Meow Mix by Komputer  13. I Lost My Friend To A Video Game - Z-Xtended  14. Kit Kat - 4 Fingers Mix

We look forward very much to getting a plethora of paper cuts from sending all your orders out :D


Roi and Steve


Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

The 1st review of our new album...

... is by author Mr. Stuart Thorogood. And here it is!


Beyond Science and Superstition is the fourth regular studio album by North London-based music project Mechanical Cabaret. The band are an electro outfit driven by the music and lyrics of vocalist and head songwriter Roi Robertson along with instrumentalist Steve Bellamy.

Spearheading a career that spans the last decade, Beyond Science… from Mechanical Cabaret provides perhaps the ensemble’s most instant and accessible LP to date. The set opens with the hard hitting “Kit Kat”, which, with its punchy beat, and snapping, sweeping orchestral chops, tells a mournful tale of lost youth: “You were a kitten/and now you’re a cat/You don’t know what to do about that…” “Why So Serious?” comes next, a song that provides all the echoes and components of vintage Mechanical Cabaret with a new twist: a typically dark and brooding sonic lullaby, peppered generously with Roi’s nihilistic lyrics and an uplifting-but-at-the-same-time bleak backdrop of sordid/sexy synth. The tune rolls over the senses and disarms the listener. The track, essentially, is a fairytale gone hysterically, hilariously and darkly mad with lines such as “She’s not like Snow White/For a start she’s not white/And hates home economics…”

This is what Mechanical Cabaret is all about and what they do best: dark, sharp and brightly dynamic subversion. The lyrics and the attitude on the electric power pop-noir numbers come across as a delightful effort to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority and hierachy. Other sterling moments in the set are upbeat/downbeat electroclash jewels such as “It Just Is” (which has a drop to die for) and “Out of Sync”.

There are parts of Beyond Science and Superstition that are not quite as immediate as the more upbeat offerings, but are nevertheless worth preserving with. Tracks such as “Nothing To Hide”, “The Death of the Porn Queen” and the coolly titled “Well, I Never”, with its sorrowful, lyrics about society’s meltdown set against a depressive Bedsit Bossa Nova Beat showcase Mechanical Cabaret at their most laid-back; almost at a walking pace. But undoubtedly, the star of the show on this set has to be the amazing “I Lost My Friend to a Video Game”. Layered, somewhat electronically orchestral , and terrifyingly poppy with its sad lyrics chronicling the Rise of the Machine from the 70’s and onwards , this is surely single and club material with a pounding structure reminiscent of the 2006 fan-favourite from ver Cabaret, “Disbehave”.

“…Video Game” is in itself, with its lyrical rundown, could be considered a chilling allegory of the digital age with Roi’s dark vocals fluttering above a turret of electronic magnificence.; a sharp and punk electro look at how I.T. is taking over the world and how we would be lost without it in this technotronic, so-called utopia where everything is as accessible at the touch of a button and perhaps destroying what is real, e.g. in this particular case a friendship. “I just can’t compete/with the excitement he gets/from the graphic depiction of violence and sex/I lost my friend to a video game/and now my life will never be the same…”

The album closes with the powerful “Hold on For Dear Life”. Another track which starts with a sprinkling of upbeat sparkling synths yet if you look – or listen- a bit deeper you’ll be pleased with the treasures that lie beneath: a mournful, electronic lament on the importance of living life to the full.

Mechanical Cabaret have always been a band of contrast from the experimental to the sublime; to pop-noir and the complicated yet infectious ballads. It is all too easy and perhaps even lazy to make tired comparisons to Numan and Depeche Mode, but in true and stark reality Mechanical Cabaret are in a league of their own. Beyond Science and Superstition is perhaps the band’s best release since 2006’s Product for Your Insecurity. There can be no doubt that Roi’s stark, chilling, humorous and pithy lyrics, the dark synths but uplifting orchestral phrasing to be found throughout the set, offer sterling moments. He is a severe and fierce creative force, and certainly one that is to be reckoned with. The set is dark, post-glam and neo-electronic. In some areas, however, it can present itself as inconsistent and also haphazard, but at the same time it is touched with the dark side of a sinister and brooding pop sensibility. Much like Robertson himself, actually. Well recommended and if you can, catch them live. You really won’t reget it.

SCORE: 8/10 REVIEWER: Stuart Thorogood


Thursday 10th October 2013

Beyond Science And Superstition - Out NOW!

Our new album Beyond Science And Superstition was released this week, on Tuesday October 8th by WTII Records, LLC! Buy it on CD or download it straight from WTII Records...

As well as our new album coming out on WTII, we're also going to release a Limited Edition version of it sometime in early November, on our own label Soiled Records. This will have four extra tracks, featuring alternative and extended versions of some of the songs from the album. More on this as soon we know what's happening with it, but you'll be able to buy it directly from us via this website.


Roi and Steve

Saturday 13th July 2013


There's been quite a bit of a radio silence since last I wrote on here, but it's been for some very good reasons indeed, as I hope you'll agree when you hear why.

Beyond Science And Superstition

The new Mechanical Cabaret album is finished. Beyond Science And Superstition has been recorded, mixed, and mastered, and is currently sitting, glowing red-hot in the pending tray of WaxTraxII Records in Chicago!

The official release date will be October 8th 2013.

Jack's Women

I've spent the last year not only recording our new album with Steve Bellamy, but also working on a new audio play called Jack's Women [have a listen to the trailer I made for it]. Written by my dearest, dear friend Susie Cavill from White Streak Productions, this play has been many years in the making.

Susie asked me to write the theme music, which I subsequently did and named Ripped Red Sails a few years ago, but until now, it has never been released!

In 2012, together with several fantastically talented actors (including my very own SELF, in my audio-theatrical acting debut!) as The Blackout Theatre Company, we set about rehearsing, performing and recording the various scenes of the play, both at Susie's flat, and in my studio in London.

Once this was nearing completion, Susie and I began the painstakingly detailed and time-consuming task of editing together audio recordings of those performances, in order to form a coherent whole; the finished dialogue for the play. We still kept on adding and recording extra scenes, as and when it became neccessary or obvious we needed them...

With this done, the next job was to put together a complete musical score, and to make and record all the requisite sound effects and background atmospheres for the play - bloody hell, and I thought the EDITING might take a long time! Whew. Well, that's another story altogether, but anyway lets cut to the chase... after a year of working on all this, it's finally FINALLY ready to be released into the wild.

So as of Monday July 22nd 2013 White Streak Productions proudly present to you Jack's Women by The Blackout Theatre Company - an audio-theatrical experience for everyone to enjoy, in all its online glory! And this is where you can hear it http://whitestreak.co.uk/


Alternative Pride

We're headlining the Alternative Gay Pride afterparty at DirtyFilthySexy on Saturday 27th July; here's a few words about it from the promoters...

"Calling all Indie Gays, Trans Rockers, Bent Punks, Electro Queers and everyone inbetween!
Come along and be part of DirtyFilthySexy, Nottingham's TRUE gay alternative! And boys unt girls it's our 6th annual Alternative Pride Afterparty! Live music from London's Mechanical Cabaret and support from Wrapped in Plastic." Check out the Facebook event page for full details! https://www.facebook.com/ events/35874630425125




Monday 18th March 2013

Our next move...

...is imminent!

We're in the midst of completing the recording of our next album of new material, to be released/unleashed/born hopefully sometime early this summer, via WTII Records.

I wrote several clutches of songs for it over the last two years, which we've whittled down to ten for the album. Expect something very Mechanical Cabaret-ish, but due to this being the first full album I will have recorded entirely together with Steve Bellamy, there are more than a few developments in the sound and production you may have come to expect from me!

We hope you'll find our new music as aurally/cerebrally interesting, and of course, sensually stimulating, as we do. More news soon then - in the meantime, over the next two weeks I'll be attempting to finish off my contributions to the recording of the album in my secret underground studio complex, ie. my basement flat studio here in Highgate, and Steve and I shall reconvene at his home studio in Harrow next week, to begin mixing the tracks into some sort of in/coherent form.

Wildest wishes...



Tuesday 5th March 2013

This Friday, March 8th 2013, at Mother, in Hoxton, olde London Town, we're playing a special live show to celebrate the release of our new 'best of' compact disc and il/legal download album Selective Hearing: Best of Mechanical Cabaret 2002-2012

Mechanical Cabaret live at Electrogogo event on Facebook

Not only that, but we're finally resurrecting ELECTROGOGO, the (infamous?) Soho Electro club-night I co-created 10 years ago. Along with fellow Electrogogo creator Frankie D, we'll be DJ'ing as much ecstatic electro-disco, filthy dirty techno/electro, and synthpop as it's possible to jam in between the door-times.

It'll cost you a laughably mere £5 in advance, if you get your tickets from www.flagpromotions.com - otherwise it'll be the slightly less bargainomenal price of £6 on the door.

But wait! There's more... the doors of Mother will in fact be opening at 8.00pm, as, prior to Electrogogo, Inertia will be playing a full-length headline set, celebrating 21 years together, plus support from Black Light Ascension + Lux:Redux

And all this for just a fiver. How cheap do you need us to be?

See you down the front.

xx Roi and Steve

Sunday 27th January 2013

NEW Album News

Our next album Selective Hearing: Best of Mechanical Cabaret 2002-2012 will be released on February 26th 2013 by WTII Records as a download and CD. It features the first new Mechanical Cabaret song to be released since 2009's Damaged Goods: and it's called Why So Serious? What's more, if you buy the album on CD, you'll get a free downloadable 12 track album of rare or currently unavailable remixes with it, including Why So Serious? - 12" Extended Mix!

It'll be the first Mechanical Cabaret album ever to be released in North America, and, for that matter, South America, Mexico and Australia too, so we're rather interested to see how things will fair for us in these, for us, brand new parts of the planet, where we're all but an undiscovered country ourselves.

All the tracks included have been specially remastered by us using very high end (ie. dead posh) analogue valve mastering EQ and compression systems, and digitized at 24bit, 96khz, to get the best quality we can. This has proved particularly effective on the earlier releases such as Nothing Special, See Her Smile, Cheap and Nasty, and so on.

Click here or the image below, to go to WTII Records' website where you can pre-order your copy of Selective Hearing now, and don't forget, if you order the CD, you get a free album of remixes of most of the songs on Selective Hearing, many of which are not currently available otherwise, plus a few others too!

The wonderful photography and artwork for the album is by Adam Cavill. Adam is a Canadian artist and dear friend of ours, currently residing in London, who is also a creative director and all round subversive digital art-pirate, whom we've had the very great pleasure of knowing and working with for many years. Adam designed and built this very website, as well as designing several of our T-Shirts and badges, and the artwork for one of our previous albums, 2011's Disco Vandalism. He is also the man behind the beautifully warped, psychedelic visuals projected over/behind us at our performances, which you can experience for yourself first hand at our live shows.





Friday 12th October 2012

LIVE at Slimelight

At 10.30pm this Saturday, October 13th, Mechanical Cabaret will be headlining the CyberSonik Festival at Electrowerkz, London, as part of the birthday celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of Slimelight, the UK's longest running Industrial/Goth club.

It'll cost you £8 on the door, or £6 if you're a member of Slimelight.

Visit the CyberSonik Festival Event page on Facebook

In other news, we've recently finished recording and mixing our new single Why So Serious? for eventual inclusion on our imminent Best Of album, and our brand new, as yet untitled, album too, which we're very busy working on right now. Most of the songs have been selected from my writing sessions over the last year or two, and it's begining to take some sort of shape!

Hope to see some of you on Saturday...


Roi and Steve

Friday 31st August 2012

Our 1st ever US record deal!

We have just signed to Chicago based Wax Trax!2/WTII Records!!

Being big fans of the output of the original Wax Trax! label since they began in the eighties, we're glad to report that WTII have been carrying on the exceptional ethos and fantastic work of their predecessors. This is the first American deal we've had, so whilst we continue to work on our album of new material, we're putting together a 'best of' album to introduce the good people of the USA, Mexico, South America and Australia to us gently (ie. the territories amongst which WTII records are distributed).

Our Best Of album is going to be called Selective Hearing & today Steve and I completed a somewhat marathon length mastering session for it, which went exceedingly well, despite us both ending up with slightly fried brains and frazzled ears by the end of it.

More soon!


Roi and Steve


Thursday 23rd August 2012

Mechanical Cabaret headline CyberSonik festival at Slimelight!

On Saturday October 13th 2012 Mechanical Cabaret will be headlining the CyberSonik Festival at Electrowerkz, London - the home of the UK's best Industrial/Goth club Slimelight! It'll be £8 on the door, or £6 if you're a member of Slimelight.

Visit the CyberSonik Festival Event page on Facebook

Advance Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=521369


Thursday 7th June 2012

LIVE headline show in London!

We're playing a headline show at alternative post-punk club Happy House, @The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden Town, London, NW5 3HS. Cost? Just £5 on the door when you join the Facebook event page! Plus support from Schadenfreude + guests


Doors: 20.00

1st band 20.45

We're on stage at 22.00


Thursday 12th April 2012

Fad Gadget tribute

It's 10 years this very month that Frank Tovey aka. Fad Gadget passed away. Here's a free track for you, which we've made to commemorate the anniversary of Frank's death - it's a cover version of the Fad Gadget song 'Under The Flag' from 1982.

Don't forget that on Sunday May 13th we're going to be headlining an alternative music festival in Nottingham called Dark Waters - Tickets: £18 adv plus £2 booking fee http://www.ministryofgoth.co.uk/darkwaters/tickets/


Tuesday 28th February 2012

Next live show: Sunday 13th May 2012

We're going to be the headline band, playing on the last day of a rather interesting 3 day long alternative music festival in Nottingham called Dark Waters. Also featuring, on the other two days, will be fantastic bands like Alter Red, The Dogbones, Cold In Berlin and more.

Tickets: £18 adv plus £2 booking fee http://www.ministryofgoth.co.uk/darkwaters/tickets/


February 14th 2012

Next live show: Feb 18th

Our next live outing will be in Birmingham on February 18th 2012. We're playing a 45 minute long set, including the first ever live performance of one of our brand new, and unreleased, songs at the Midlands Goth Festival. You can have a look at the event on Facebook or visit the Midlands Goth Festival website - hope to see you there!

Toodle-pip for now


Roi 'n Steve

January 6th 2012

Last minute show!

STOP PRESS: We'll be playing support to VNV Nation in Birmingham... tomorrow night!

Due to their original support act Empirion pulling out of the show at the last minute, we have agreed to perform in their place, as sole support to headliners VNV Nation at the HMV Institute in Birmingham, on Saturday 7th January 2012.

Tickets? Certainly... http://www.eeetickets.com/tickets/product_info.php/products_id/650/osCsid/7338e99d9208ccfbd101b9cb994fad13

Hope to see some of you there. Our live show in February, also in Brum, is still taking place as planned, where we'll be playing a full length set, including material from our forthcoming new album - details to follow sometime soon-ish.


Roi and Steven


December 13th 2011

That's yer lot

Well, sort of.

A bulging fat sack-full of Yuletide induced festive thanks to everyone who came to see us play this year, particularly all those who've shelled out and helped keep us in Maplin MIDI cables, sandwiches, and cans of WD40, by buying our CDs, T-Shirts, & badges... and even the people who sent us flattering/threatening messages or emailed us pictures of them playing with their toilet parts. Everyone plays a valuable part in the Cabaret of Life after all.

Our first show of 2012 will be at the Midlands Goth Festival in Birmingham on February 18thCheck it out on Facebook

Merry 'Christ'mas folks, hold on to your baubles, and we'll see you in 2012 with news of our brand new album! TBC...


Roi and Steve


November 21st 2011

New Video! New T-Shirts!! (& Sherlock Holmes?)

Our new single In Loving Memory, available as a digital download from Major Records, now has it's very own video to accompany it!


We all had a great time whilst filming it! Millions and trillions of thanks to all involved in making the video, especially Mr W for producing and directing the whole extravaganza so thoroughly and so wonderfully, and Isabella Charlesworth for being a top-notch camerawoman and corpse. Also special thanks go to Mark Hockings of Mesh, who edited it all together splendidly, the final results of which you see before your very eyes!


New T-Shirts!

We've now got some gorgeous new T-shirts for sale! They're available at live shows only right now, but we're working on that one - more news on that soon we hope.

Designed by the fantastic Canadian born artist extraordinaire Mr Adam Cavill, who also produces and directs our on stage video projections, there are two brand new designs printed on black t's, 'Disco Vandalism' in White or Purple print, and 'London Eye', all of which have the band name as a backprint, available in S, M, L, and XL.


Sherlock Holmes?

I've recently been busy producing music and sound effects, for a short film promoting the *new Sherlock Holmes novel 'House Of Silk' by Anthony Horowitz! (*view the Facebook page)


This is just part one of the film: there are four parts to it, which will each be made available online, one by one, over the coming month leading up to the book's release date. The book has the official approval of the Conan Doyle estate, a world first, as no author other than Conan Doyle himself has ever been officially sanctioned or deemed fit to take on Holmes, so it's really a major coup for Mr Horowitz! Judging by what I've read and heard so far, and being something of a Conan Doyle fan, I can't wait to read it myself actually. Here's the Wikipedia page for House Of Silk if you'd like to know more...

Additionally, we'd like to announce that Steve Bellamy's new band The Remote will be playing their first ever live show that Sunday, the 11th December, at the very same venue, supporting Sad Lovers and Giants, with New Manhattan supporting - and what's more, their show will feature me on lead vocals for a couple of songs! The Remote will be on around 20.00 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117409041670377



October 24th 2011

New downloads and remixes available now!

Our new single In Loving Memory is now available as a digital download, released by Major Records Medien GmbH! This is the only single to come from this year's Disco Vandalism album, originally released on CD in April this year, which is also now available as an official download via Major, from iTunes, Amazon etc, all the usual places.

The single includes two brand new, exclusive remixes, as well as the our 'DV800 Mix' of the title track:

  1. In Loving Memory - DV800 Mix (From the album 'Disco Vandalism')
  2. In Loving Memory - Steve Bellamy Mix (Previously unreleased)
  3. My Sex Life - Electrogogo Mix (Previously unreleased too!)

Our next live shows in the UK are with a certain Ms. Toyah Wilcox, as well as various other support acts for each show. The dates are:

Thursday November 3rd - Supporting Toyah in Leamington Spa - THE ASSEMBLY, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3NF - Get tickets


Saturday November 5th - Supporting Toyah in London - O2 Academy Islington N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield St, London N1 0PS - Get Tickets

Also, our final live date for 2011 is at the Purple Turtle in Camden, London on Friday 9th December 2011 with Blue Zoo, Alter Red, and Panning For Gold ttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=262141907159654


Roi & Steve


September 29th 2011

New single! And more Gigs!!


Our new single In Loving Memory - DV800 Mix will be available to download from Friday OCtober 21st 2011 released by Major Records Medien GmbH.

This will be the only single to come from our Disco Vandalism album, originally released on CD in April this year, which will now also be released as a download via Major, on the very same day as the single.

As well as the title track, the single will also include two brand new, exclusive remixes! The track-listing will be as follows:

  1. In Loving Memory - DV800 Mix (From the album 'Disco Vandalism')
  2. In Loving Memory - Steve Bellamy Mix (Previously unreleased)
  3. My Sex Life - Electrogogo Mix (Previously unreleased too!)


Our next live shows are in the UK with a certain Ms. Toyah Wilcox, and various other support acts for each show. The dates are:

Thursday November 3rd - Supporting Toyah in Leamington Spa - THE ASSEMBLY, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3NF - Get tickets

Friday November 4th - Supporting Toyah in Nottingham - MG BALLROOM, Lenton Blvd. Nottingham NG7 2BY - Get Tickets

Saturday November 5th - Supporting Toyah in London - O2 Academy Islington N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield St, London N1 0PS - Get Tickets

Additionally, we will be playing our final live date for 2011 at the Purple Turtle in Camden, London, on Friday 9th December 2011 with Blue Zoo, Alter Red, and Panning For Gold (why do all the other bands have a colour in their name?!) ttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=262141907159654




August 15th 2011

Live in Scotland, with Covenant 9/9/11

We're playing live with Covenant in Glasgow at The Classic Grand on Friday September 9th. You can get tickets here or from the usual outlets. This is a re-scheduled date from earlier this year.

x Roi x

July 23rd 2011

The DISCO VANDALISM TOUR 2011 continues...

We're playing a free entry gig at Pitch Black in Burton on Trent next Saturday, and we've confirmed some more live shows in the UK for the summer and autumn, including playing with Punk legend Toyah Wilcox!


Saturday July 30th - Headline show at Pitch Black @The Appleby, Green Street, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3RT

Saturday August 13th - Performing as part of the Music For a Darkened Theatre festival at The Cochrane Theatre in London

-  Get tickets

Friday September 9th - *Re-scheduled date* Supporting Covenant in Glasgow - The Classic Grand, Glasgow

- Get tickets

Thursday November 3rd - Supporting Toyah in Leamington Spa - THE ASSEMBLY, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3NF

- Get tickets

Friday November 4th - Supporting Toyah in Nottingham - MG BALLROOM, Lenton Blvd. Nottingham NG7 2BY

- Get Tickets

Saturday November 5th - Supporting Toyah in London - O2 Academy Islington N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS

- Get Tickets


June 4th 2011

More Live dates coming up

We have several live dates coming up this Summer, continuing our 2011 Disco Vandalism Tour:

Friday June 24th - Club AntiChrist, London - on stage 11.15pm sharp!

Saturday July 30th - Pitch Black, Burton on Trent

Saturday August 13th - Music For A Darkened Theatre Festival, London Buy tickets

DISCO VANDALISM is our fantabulous new album, containing extended versions and remixes of 12 Mechanical Cabaret songs, and it's available for £9.95 from http://www.mechanicalcabaret.com/releases  - you'll also be able to buy this and more from us in person at our forthcoming gigs.


Roi and Steve


May 6th 2011

New single & an interview

We're releasing In Loving Memory as a single very soon, via Major Records. This digital single will come replete with several new and exclusive remixes, and a new video, filmed at secret locations in England, and Germany - more news on this when we have dates confirmed.

I was recently interviewed by Bodystyler, a German online Electronic music zine, which, if your German is any good (or you enjoy cutting and pasting copy and using Google Translate) you can devour to your heart's content here http://www.electrozine.net/interview/mechanical-cabaret-2011.html

Don't forget, we have some live dates coming up as part of our 2011 Disco Vandalism Tour:

June 24th - Club AntiChrist, London

July 30th - Pitch Black, Burton on Trent

August 13th - TBC London

September 9th - Glasgow (with Covenant)

Just a quick a reminder that our fantabulous new remix album DISCO VANDALISM is available for £9.95 from http://www.mechanicalcabaret.com/releases  - you'll also be able to buy this and more from us in person at our forthcoming gigs.

And lastly, vast oceans of gratitude from myself and Steve, to everyone who has been so kindly supportive as to buy a copy of our new CD from us - we truly appreciate your support and belief in what we do, and hope to release more new music later this year!


Roi & Steve


April 26th 2011

DISCO VANDALISM TOUR 2011 Summer shows

We have some live shows coming up this Summer as part of our Disco Vandlism Tour 2011, to promote our new CD album Disco Vandlism.

  • Friday June 24th We'll be performing live at the PVC Hotpants-splittingly popular Fetish/Industrial/Goth night Club Antichrist at The Colosseum in Vauxhall, London. Tickets for this event sell out very quickly so if you want to come, we'd advise you buy yours as soon as you can. Club AntiChrist on Facebook
  • Saturday July 30th we're playing a headline show at Pitch Black @The Appleby, Green Street, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3RT. And, we'll be playing a full length set!
  • Saturday August 13th *TBC* playing as part of the Music For A Darkened Theatre event in London
  • Friday September 9th *Rescheduled date* Supporting Covenant, @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland

What's more, all our upcoming gigs will be accompanied by our brand new live Video Show, made by the artist Adam Cavill, who also designed and made this very website, as well as the fantastic artwork for Disco Vandalism.

x x x

Roi 'n Steve

March 21st 2011


We're rather chuffed to be able to announce that our new Limited Edition CD Disco Vandalism is now available to buy, exclusively from this website, or from us at our forthcoming live shows!

It contains 12 Mechanical Cabaret tracks and remixes that are brand new, unreleased, rare or previously unavailable on CD before.

It includes extended versions and remixes made by ourselves, as well as some made by other artists, all of whom we're honoured to consider as our friends - some well known, some less so, but all equally singular and excellent at making the music they make, in the unique ways that they make it.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do!


We had a great time at our gig last Sunday at the 02 in Islington with DAF, Inertia and Leaether Strip! It was a fantastic night all-round in fact!! We have several more live shows coming up this Spring, all mainly taking place on very people-friendly Friday and Saturday nights too! The next show is this Friday 25th March at The Resolution Hotel in Whitby!

  • Friday March 25th we're playing at Resolution in Whitby, which is a 'fringe' happening, alongside the main Whitby Alt./Goth Weekend, held there bi-annually. This is our first show in Whitby since practically taking over the night we played there in 2005 along with Katscan. Continuing our tour together, albeit in a slightly staggered fashion, Inertia will be playing there the following evening!
  • Saturday April 9th We're playing a headline show at The Workshop in Old Street, London - and it's only £5 on the door before 8pm!
  • Friday June 24th we're appearing at the very popular Fetish/Industrial/Goth club night 'AntiChrist' at The Colosseum in Vauxhall, London. Tickets for this event sell out very quickly so if you want to come, we'd advise you get buy them as soon as you can.


Roi & Steve

March 8th 2011

New CD! Gigs aplenty!!

Disco Vandalism will be available as a limited edition CD from 20th March. It contains 12 remixes of Mechanical Cabaret songs, made by ourselves and several different artists and bands. The tracks on the album are either rare/deleted, previously unavailable on CD, or brand new and unreleased, and therefore exclusive to this Ltd Ed. CD. The catalogue number is SOILED45RPMCD, we're releasing it on our own label Soiled Records, and numbers are limited to 1000 copies.

When we've received it from the pressing plant, and made sure that all is well (!) we'll commence offering it for sale via this website.

We have one or two live shows coming up during the Spring...

  • We'll be appearing as guests of original electropunks from Germany DAF onSunday March 20th at 02 Academyin Islington, London, along with Inertia, as part of our ongoing 'Inertia VS Mechanical Cabaret Tour' which we started last Autumn together with Reza, Alexys, and the lads, and Leaether Strip are playing too.
  • The week after that on Friday March 25th we're playing at Resolution in Whitby, which is a sort of 'side-show' gig to the main Whitby Alt./Goth Weekend, held there bi-annually. This is our first show in Whitby since practically taking over the night we played there in 2005 along with Katscan. Continuing our tour together, albeit in a slightly staggered fashion, Inertia will be playing there the following evening!
  • April 2nd, that following Saturday night, we'll be supporting Covenant at the Classic Grand in Glasgow
  • We're playing a headline show at The Workshop in Old Street, London onSaturday April 9th - only £5 on the door before 8pm!
  • ... and on June 24th we're appearing at the very popular Fetish/Industrial/Goth club night 'AntiChrist' at The Colosseum in Vauxhall, London. Tickets for this event sell out very quickly so if you want to come, we'd advise you get buy them as soon as you can.

That's all folks... more news coming very soon.



February 12th 2011


We're playing a live set at London's legendary Industrial/Goth club Slimelight on Saturday February 19th! We'll be on at 1am, and we're playing a more dance/club-orientated set, lasting around 40 minutes or so.

Slimelight is held at Electrowerkz which is at 7 Torren Street in Angel, Islington, EC1V 1NQ.

See you there!



February 3rd 2011

LIVE in London this Saturday!

We're playing a live set at the charity event 'For Pete's Sake' in London on February 5th, at Electrowerkz in Angel, Islington, EC1V 1NQ. There'll be lots of other electronic bands playing including Greenhaus Mk1, who'll be playing a techno set for the first time in several years, Young Things Don't Scream (Gary Numan covers band), Global Citizen, Spizz and more.

The event commemorates the life of Peter Gilbert, Frankie D's partner of more than 30 years, and it's in aid of The Mayhew Animal Home, who give sanctuary to stray, lost, and lonely animals.

Doors are at 7.30pm, and continues into the early hours as 'Slimelight' takes over... hope to see you there!


January 18th 2011

DiscoVandalism: New album! And a gig.

Myself, Steve Bellamy, and a few other friends of ours with a musical bent, have been very busy recently, remixing various Mechanical Cabaret songs, both old and new. These will be included on our forthcoming new album of remixes entitled DiscoVandalism, along with lots of other Mechanical Cabaret remixes that are either rare, or have never been released before on CD.

The track listing is yet to be finalised, as we're still waiting for a couple of outstanding mixes, but we'll be putting the finishing touches to things soon, and hope to have it available on CD around March all being well.

Also, we'll be playing a live set at the Flag Promotions charity event 'For Pete's Sake' in London on February 5th, at Electrowerkz in Angel, Islington, EC1V 1NQ. There'll be lots of other electronic bands playing too I'm told, including Greenhaus, who'll be playing a techno set, YTDS, Global Citizen and more besides. The event commemorates the life of Peter Gilbert, Frankie D's partner of more than 30 years, and it's in aid of The Mayhew Animal Home, who give sanctuary to stray, lost, or lonely animals. Doors are at 7pm, until 10, when 'Slimelight' takes over!




January 6th 2011

Pop Charts and Pop tarts

The Kunt & the Gang single, including my remix, got to number 66 in the UK Top 100 pop singles for Xmas week! This momentous news even got tweeted on Twitter by Cosey Fanni Tutti from Throbbing Gristle, no less. Not bad at all really, considering that it was all acheived without any radio, TV, or record label support. Well done Kunt mate, you did us proud, and it was great to be part of all the surrounding pre-Xmas hoo-hah and hullabaloo.

To begin the new decade as I mean to go on, I've been doing more new music. I've just put the finishing touches to another remix, this time of a well known electronic pop group - more news on that front when I hear from them whether they actually like it, or if it's going to be consigned to a Co-Op carrier bag left outside their local charity shop front door, along with some old cassettes from the 80's of Five Star, Black Lace, Spandau Ballet, a 'Chart Trek' compilation, and a scratched up 7" single of Apollo 9 by Adam Ant. (Or something).

There have been various rumblings and whispers behind closed doors regarding some possible live shows that could be coming up for us soon. We're definitely playing on March 20th in London though, with one of my favourite ever German electronic type bands, D.A.F. as well as Inertia and Leaether Strip too.

Toodle pip for now...



December 16th 2010

New Mechanical Cabaret remix! And a gig this Sunday 19th!

I've done a remix of Kunt and the Gang's minor internet hit song Use My Arsehole As A Cunt which, along with six other new versions as well, is heading straight for the Xmas Top 40 even as I type! You can join the Facebook group here, and to download my remix, or as many versions of the song as you like, here's a message from Kunt himself telling you how to do it:

YOU can help Kunt and the Gang get the most offensive Xmas hit of all time!

Download 'Use My Arsehole As A Cunt' from NOW until Sat 18 December to qualify for Xmas chart. IT'S VERY CLOSE TO THE TOP 40! EVERY SINGLE DOWNLOAD COUNTS!!!

Link to download from iTunes

Link to download from Amazon

7 versions counts as 7 sales in the main chart!

The Nick Clegg version video here! http://bit.ly/igxfYb

Let's see if we can get the words 'Cunt' and 'Arsehole' at least somewhere in the proper charts this Yuletide.

We're playing a festive live show in London this Sunday December 19th - if you're around and fancy coming, it's at Club Hard Drive in London... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179184672096445

The venue is called Alleycat (formerly Peter Parker's Rock 'n Roll Club) located at 4 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LP. We'll be on stage at 9.30pm - doors are at 7pm, and it'll cost you £2 before 8pm or £3 after, open until 1am. Resident DJ's Reza (Killing Joke/Inertia) + Elektrobunny (Inertia/Electro Falco) + Andrew Trail (Knifeladder/Black Light Ascension) spinning the best in Old School Industrial, Electro, EBM, Darkwave, Gothic, 80's and Alternative Music. Hope to see you there!

Finally, a very Merry Xmas/Saturnalia to you all - I hope you all experience an enjoyably decadent and indulgent festive season, and manage to completely avoid the soap opera omnibus's and all the other shit Xmas telly, as well as preventing yourselves from scoffing so much fat food that you end up looking like a gym-dodger, and that you don't get drunk on Baileys at any point cos it tastes like rancid baby-sick and will make you very ill.



(RIP Peter Christopherson of Coil/Throbbing Gristle)

October 21st 2010

A Live/Undead Mechanical Cabaret show this Halloween!

Our next gig is on Halloween, which falls on a Sunday this year, and we'll be appearing as special guests of none other than the legendary Alien Sex Fiend at the Electric Ballroom in London! I played on the same bill as Alien Sex Fiend some years ago in fact, at the very first 'Infest' festival in Bradford, in 1998, when I was in the band Nekromantik with Martin Katscan.

It really couldn't be a more appropriate gig to play on such an auspicious day - hope to see you there...

Mechanical Cabaret supporting Alien Sex Fiend at Halloween event on Facebook

October 18th 2010

Guerilla-style live show: Tuesday 19th October!

We were offered the chance to play a last minute show this coming tuesday - and we agreed! Hope to see some of you there...

Mechanical Cabaret LIVE at The Gaff: Event details on Facebook

September 29th 2010

Ne Plus Ultra - out now!

The new Mechanical Cabaret single NE PLUS ULTRA is now available for download! You can get it on iTunes for a mere £3.49 http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ne-plus-ultra/id387759659

The single features a fantastic reworking of Ne Plus Ultra by our friends LOWPULSE, who've put the song through their sonic mangle, slowed it down a touch, and given it a much darker, more sinister twist. There's a cute remix of Pretty Fucked Up by another of our friends - and Basildon's other finest export - KUNT AND THE GANG. Listen out for his partner in crime Little Kunt on backing vocals...

There's a good old-fashioned 80's style extended remix of the original track too, with the 'Exquisitely Extended Mix' of Ne Plus Ultra, and also included is a brand new recording - a cover version of the rather marvellous Fun Boy Three song from 1981 'The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum'. Terry Hall, and Fun Boy Three in particular, are a big influence on me, especially lyrically speaking - I've always wanted to do a cover of one of their songs and, well, now I have!

Here's the full details of the tracklisting:

  1. Ne Plus Ultra
  2. Ne Plus Ultra – Exquisitely Extended Mix
  3. The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Originally by Fun Boy Three)
  4. Pretty Fucked Up – Kunt and the Gang's Castlemayne Remix
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Kunt and the Gang, courtesy of Disco Minge Records under exclusive licence to Club Tuppence)
  5. Ne Plus Ultra – Lowpulse Rework
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Lowpulse)
  6. Ne Plus Ultra – Lowpulse Rework Dub
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Lowpulse)


Also, here's a reminder about our next gig - it's on Halloween, supporting Alien Sex Fiend at the Electric Ballroom in Camden! Mechanical Cabaret supporting Alien Sex Fiend at Halloween event on Facebook

I hope you enjoy hearing the new tracks - and do feel free to write a review online, I'd love to hear your opinions! (Cue 'You've asked for it now' type feelings, and small sense of dread...)

Toodle pip!



September 13th 2010

2 new singles and a hell of a Halloween gig

The Inertia vs Mechanical Cabaret gig we played last Friday was amazing - thanks so much to Vile Electrodes for supporting, and to everyone who made the effort and came along to support us and gave us such a fantastic response. We all had such a great time, and survived intact to tell the tale - despite the lack of working air-conditioning at the venue!!

Also, released at our gig last Friday was a limited edition joint single recorded with Inertia - a cover of the wonderful Joe Meek/Geoff Goddard song from 1961 Johnny, Remember Me! You can buy the CD from us at our live shows: it features our joint electro-disco cover version, plus a harder, noisier sounding Inertia remix, and my ultra-camp, HiNRG style, Mechanical Cabaret remix!

Ne Plus Ultra, the new Mechanical Cabaret single, will be released by Major Records and available to download on September 24th! Featuring brand new remixes and tracks, here's the full track listing and details:

  1. Ne Plus Ultra
  2. Ne Plus Ultra – Exquisitely Extended Mix
  3. The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Originally by Fun Boy Three)
  4. Pretty Fucked Up – Kunt and the Gang's Castlemayne Remix
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Kunt and the Gang, courtesy of Disco Minge Records under exclusive licence to Club Tuppence)
  1. Ne Plus Ultra – Lowpulse Rework
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Lowpulse)
  1. Ne Plus Ultra – Lowpulse Rework Dub
    (Remixed and reprogrammed by Lowpulse)

Our next gig is on Halloween, supporting none other than Alien Sex Fiend! We're the only band supporting, and we can't wait - it couldn't be a more appropriate gig to play on such an auspicious day.

Mechanical Cabaret supporting Alien Sex Fiend at Halloween event on Facebook


Last but not least, my next DJ date is on September 23rd at Madame JoJo's at Warm Leatherette: we've got Department S and Blue Zoo playing live this time.


Warm Leatherette Sept 23rd

See you at Madame JoJo's and the Electric Ballroom on Halloween I hope!



August 9th 2010

Live and kicking and such like

We've got a few live shows coming up. The first one is on Saturday 28th of August in Wales at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, with the saucy ex-Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena Dogbones and brilliant Birthday Party-esque utter mentalists Klaus Kinski.

The next one after that will be on Friday 10th of September in London playing with the divine Inertia (featuring Reza from Killing Joke) and the rather synthtastic Vile Electrodes - go to the Live Dates page for more details and to buy tickets.

In other news, if you order our most recent album Damaged Goods from our website, you'll get a set of free exclusive new badges! Have a look on our Releases page... if you already have the album, take comfort dearheart, for we'll be selling said new badges at our live shows.

Lastly, I've set up a blog on Wordpress now, and you can find it here!

Toodle-pip for now!




July 6th 2010

Hey Mr DJ! Got any Killing Joke? Or Bauhaus?

I'll be DJ'ing at new Post-Punk Electro night 'Warm Leatherette' on July 22nd - it's at my old haunt Madame JoJo's in Soho, where with Mark Moore and Frankie D we used to run Electrogogo.

The launch night is going to be a Killing Joke special, with Youth and Reza from Killing Joke playing live with their respective other projects Vertical Smile and Inertia. Also playing will be the marvellous Tribazik and Noblesse Oblige too - so it promises to be a somewhat debauched and delightful night all round...

Doors are at 7.30pm for those who want to see the live acts, and after the last strains of live music have subsided at 11pm, the club will go on until 3am for the people who want to - A) Have a postpunkalternativeelectro night of clubbing to some decent music for a change - B) Dance their socks and shoes and underwear off - and C) Join us for a post-club beverage or several in Soho afterwards.



As well as this, I'll be playing live keyboards on stage with the other half of Mechanical Cabaret, Steve Bellamy, and his own band Greenhaus when they tour the UK during the 1st week of August as special guests of Pete Murphy from Bauhaus. Greenhaus will be playing at the Wolverhampton, Glasgow, London and Sheffield shows only, so if you're going along, do make sure you come and say hello.


We've just been sent a few remixes for the next Mechanical Cabaret single, and they're all sounding great. One has been reworked by Lowpulse, and the other is a remix by Kunt and the Gang. Both myself and Steve are also working on a couple of remixes for this release too, and I have some new songs in the pipeline as well.

We're not deliberately trying to keep you in suspense but there will soon be more news on when our next release will come out, and what it will be, when we know for sure the facts and dates from Major Records - promise.

In the meantime, look after each other boys and girls... or who else will?

Bye bye darlings.

X Roi

P.S. RIP Sebastian Horsley - Go and see Dandy In The Underworld before it's too late. It's a fantastic tribute to the dear chap himself, a true wanton and inspiration to certainly my own heart and soul, as well as many others, and perhaps you too.

May 18th 2010

Live shows update

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, we will no longer be taking part in the Friend Vote Tour this autumn.

For official information about upcoming Mechanical Cabaret live shows, visit the Live Dates page on this website.


May 12th 2010

New Badges on the way

New Mechanical Cabaret badges are coming - made by our splendiferous friends at Badgesaplenty! You'll be able to order them here within the next few weeks...



May 4th 2010

A nice thumb up from Marc Almond

I just came across this DJ playlist from Marc Almond's website a couple of years ago - I'd printed it out and then promptly forgotten all about it for some reason...

Thanks Marc!

Marc Almond likes See Her Smile


April 14th 2010

Playing with The Glitter Band, and Angie Bowie!

This Friday, 16th of April, we'll be playing live at Eddies in Birmingham (UK) with The Glitter Band, and Angie Bowie!

Bizarre indeed - but it's all true!

There are still some tickets left at time of writing this, but they've been selling pretty fast the last few days... if you want to come to this amazing one-off event then you'll have to be quick off the mark, so I'd suggest you buy your tickets now before they sell out.

Also appearing will be fab goth shock rockers Beautiful Deadly Children, and seeing as there hasn't been a Mechanical Cabaret show in Birmingham since 2007 (incidentally, we were apparently the last band to play the old 'Edwards No.8' venue before it burnt down!) it looks like it's shaping up to be quite a memorable night all round!



April 7th 2010

Live show coming up in UK

On Friday 16th of April we'll be playing live at Eddies in Birmingham (UK), appearing as special guests of The Glitter Band and Angie Bowie!




March 14th 2010

Nitzer Ebb show

Thanks to everyone who gave us such a warm reception last Thursday night when we supported Nitzer Ebb in London! It really was a fantastic gig and we loved every minute of it. Huge thanks go out to Doug, Bon, and Jason, as well as Peddy from Neuwerk, Hayo from Major and Frank from Flag for giving us the chance to play to such a great audience. Here's a link to some fantastisch photos from the show taken by Mr Medwyn Jones!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ganmed64/se ts/72157623482954747/






Roi and Steve


March 4th 2010

Next live show

The next Mechanical Cabaret live show that Steve and I shall perform is in the 02 Academy in London on Thursday 11th March 2010, once again supporting the wonderful Nitzer Ebb!

Support will also come from Client, and System FX will be kicking off the evenings events. Should be a good one!

Hope to see you there!!



February 13th 2010

New Video

The current single 'Careful, Careless' now has a brand spanking new video to go with it! It was filmed in HD and produced in Hamburg and Paris by Hayo Lewerentz of Major Records.

Hope you like it!




January 28th 2010

We're No.1!

The Mechanical Cabaret song 'See Her Smile' has topped a chart of songs by independent bands and artists, voted for exclusively by friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace!!!

Our song had been in the chart for several weeks, entering at number 62 the first week of January 2010 - and, as of this Monday it's finally reached the coveted position of No.1!

A million thanks to all of you that voted for us, it really is fantastic news for us - it's wonderful to know that, friends and fans alike, there's so many of you out there supporting us you've managed to vote us to the top of this chart.



January 20th 2010

Next live shows

Our gig at Bedsitland went really well last Saturday night. We had a great time and so did everyone there it seemed... thanks so much to Tracy for asking us to play and for looking after us so well. Special thanks also go to Clark - our one man 'road-crew', technical boffin and gentleman to the end - to Isabella, for hand-making our fantastic new onstage banner - and to the soundman Al for making sure it all sounded like it was supposed to.

The next live gig coming up is on Friday 28th Jan at The Purple Turtle supporting Karel Fialka. There are several other bands playing too, including Cassette Electric and The Modern, and we'll be on around 9pm.

Also, we're extremely pleased to be able to announce that, after enjoying a great gig supporting them in Hamburg only two weeks ago, we now have the opportunity to play another show with the rather wonderful Nitzer Ebb

This one will take place on Thursday 11th March in London, at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. Our friends Client will be performing as well, so it should be a brilliant gig all round! Hope to see some of you at either (or both) of these upcoming shows.

X Roi X


January 15th 2010

Next live show: tomorrow!

After our rather short-notice support slot with Nitzer Ebb last Friday in Hamburg, the next live gig is already upon us - a headline show on Saturday 16th January (tomorrow) at Bedsitland, which is an excellent electro pop club night held at The Lexington on Pentonville Road in Islington/ Kings Cross, in London.

It opens at 9pm, costs £5 to get in, and we''l be on at 10pm.

Hope to see some of you there!




December 16th 2009

New single: 'Careful Careless'

The new single 'Careful, Careless' is now available as a download, released on Major Records! So far it's available only through Amazon and Beatport, but from around January 2010 it will then be released fully worldwide.


The full track listing is as follows:

1. Careful Careless

2. Careful Careless - Fur Coat, No Knickers Mix

3. Nothing Special - 2009 Remake

4. GBH - Melodramatic Version

5. Pretty Fucked Up - Size Zero Mix

6. Desperate But Not Serious (Originally by Adam Ant)



A video for it is being edited and prepared at this very moment, so watch this space for news about when it's all finally spruced up and ready for consumption.

The Fur Coat, No Knickers Mix was done in the spirit of 'proper' 12" mixes, where all the different parts of the original track are broken down, exposed, solo'd and generally extended for all to hear/see. Nothing Special has been re-recorded and updated a bit - this came about because we started playing it live again, with a new arrangement which seemed to work really well, so we thought it would be a good idea to release it.

The Melodramatic Version of the previous single GBH is quite different to the other versions you may have heard. This time it's been completely re-arranged and re-recorded as an Erik Satie/Kurt Weil/Jaques Brel style 'torch song', which is closer to how I initially wrote the song in the first place when I did the original demo. Pretty Fucked Up - Size Zero Mix is a more DJ friendly extended version of the first track from the current album Damaged Goods, and is fast becoming a live favourite.

The last of the tracks on the single is a very 70's electro-disco cover version of the Adam Ant song Desperate But Not Serious. I'm a huge fan of Adam Ant and love the electronic disco throb of artists like Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Sylvester, Boney M and so on - so it seemed quite natural to me to put the two together. It came about because in 2003 (I think?) we were asked by Madam Stan from the Ant Liberation Front, the official Adam Ant Fanclub, to perform at the annual Adam Ant convention held here in London - the 'condition' being that we also played a cover of an Ant song for the occasion. She suggested 'Desperate' and, as it happened, I'd previously toyed with doing a cover of this song before, so it seemed the perfect choice. I'd forgotten about it until early this year when I came across a live recording of it, and decided it would be good to finish off what I'd started 5 years ago - and now, here it is, finally recorded and released for you to listen and dance along to whilst you're doing the dishes/hoovering/dusting/ironing/etc.

Anyway, that's about enough blether from me. I hope you like the new tracks, and on behalf of Steve and myself, I'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an extremely happy New Year!

Io Saturnalia!



November 16th 2009

Next live show on Thursday

Our next live outing for myself, Steve, and our collection of rusting synthesizers will be this Thursday at the 02 Academy in Islington, London. We're supporting the fantastic Motor, fresh off their European tour supporting Depeche Mode, and Alec Empire, he of Atari Teenage Riot noisiness fame. Also appearing are Cryogenica, and we should be on around 7.30 or something like that, although the usual arbitrary 'live show' timing adjustments will, as per normal, need to be applied. Suffice to say, we're looking forward to it immensely!

Filming in Hamburg went really well - I can't wait to see the full 'High-Definition' results sometime soon. Tsk, modern technology eh? X-Ray vision next. Oh, wait a minute, they've got that already at the Airports now haven't they? Hmm. Must make sure I wear my best pants next time I fly...

Met up with Mesh whilst I was there, too, and watched them set up and soundcheck for the first gig of their tour. Lovely to see 'em so it was... some great new songs, Rich's new hair-do and an even more technologically super-wow type live set up (including WIDI keyboards and four screens!) means it's an even more fantastic live spectacle than before - so go and see them play if they're anywhere near you, it'll be Ace! Shame I missed Client's show there on the weekend though :(

In other news, the second Mechanical Cabaret album 'Product For Your Insecurity' is now available for download! This is the only way to (legitimately) get hold of this album now, as the CD has sold out.

Hope to see some of you at the 02 on Thursday.



November 9th 2009

Video making in Deutschland

I'm off to Germany today, the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, to make the video for the next single 'Careful, Careless' which will be out soon on Major Records.

Thanks to all who made it to Slimelight last saturday for our gig - it was great to see so many friendly faces rallying for us. I escaped with only a few minor injuries - big thanks to Ozzi for bandaging my hand so expertly - and to Scott and the crew for being such helpful gentlemen all evening, too.

I'd best be off now really, early start tomorrow. One more glass of Sherry and I'll turn in for the night.



October 2nd 2009

Supporting Combichrist in November at Slimelight

That's right! Us, Combichrist and Slimelight, the best Industrial/Electro/Goth/Alternative/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it club night in London, all in one go!

On Saturday November 7th, 9.30pm at Slimelight in London we will be supporting Combichrist at their last UK show before they take to the road to support the almighty Rammstein on their European Tour. Over 18s only for this one, so I've been told to say...


September 24th 2009

Nothing Special in the Movies?

Back in 2001 I was contacted by a certain Mr Todd Stephens, who is a movie director and screen-writer from the US. A few emails, letters, parcels and trips back and forth to the Fax machine later and lo and behold, my song 'Nothing Special' ends up appearing as part of the soundtrack to the latest offering from Mr Stephens that year; a film entitled 'Gypsy 83'.

After doing a search on YouTube, I have in fact just recently found the very clip from said film, which includes 'Nothing Special' so I thought I'd share it with you. I particularly like the fact that there's dialogue and sound from the film over the top of it!

Hope you enjoy it anyway.



P.S. It's also on the Downloads page, outside of You Tube.


September 14th 2009

Night Clubbing

On Friday September 25th Steve and I will be getting our synths out and playing a live set at the DEVIANT club night, held at the Purple Turtle in Camden (nearest tube; Mornington Crescent) in London. We're on stage around 11.30pm. Earlier that evening at 7pm in the very same venue, synth maestro Steve Bellamy's band Greenhaus will also be playing live, supporting Punishment of Luxury - and I'll be playing live synthesiser for them, too, so make sure you come down early!

Our gig in Plymouth went really well and we had a great time there - huge thanks to Pete and both Rich's for looking after us so splendidly and making sure everyone had a blast! One question though; why are there no decent pubs in Plymouth? Very strange...

x Roi


September 11th 2009

Next live show

On Saturday September 12th we're playing an hour-long headline set at 'Dark Angels', an electronica club night in Plymouth. We'll be on stage around midnight; full details on the Live Dates page...


Also, there are some great photos on the Live dates page from last Sunday's gig supporting A Flock of Seagulls taken by Medwyn Jones who was positioned in front of the barrier before the stage so they're nice and close! To see them, just go to the Live dates page and scroll down a bit. Not only that, but there was also a video recording of us playing 'Desperate But Not Serious' (an Adam Ant cover). This was filmed by David Baker, and you can see it on the Mechanical Cabaret You Tube channel.

Right, I'm off. "Plymouth Hoe!"


August 25th 2009

Next live show

On Sunday September 6th we're supporting 80's synth-pop legends A Flock of Seagulls at the 02 Academy in Islington, London!

Come along and show your support! We're on stage at 8.30pm - hope to see many of you there...



July 20th 2009

German Interview

Read a recent interview I did with Dark Heart Magazine in Germany... um, which is in German however, so apologies to all non-German speakers! (They translated it, I can't speak Deutsch that well.) You have to scroll down a tiny bit...



July 4th 2009

Live dates and a new release

Just had confirmed some more gigs for later this year, one in Plymouth and another in London - go to the Live Dates page to find out more!

The new compilation album called Orbit Electro was released yesterday, July 3rd by Major Records, and it includes a Mechanical Cabaret cover version of a song by The Cure from 1982, Lets Go To Bed! It features backing vocals by the inimitable Susi9mm and an absolutely filthy sounding analogue synth riff - hope you like it! Watch this space for news about my forthcoming new single... coming soon to an online computer near you!



June 25th 2009

Next DJ date - Depeche Mode party!

I'll be DJing this Fri 26th June at a Depeche Mode party in Camden, after Seabound play their live set at Purple Turtle - details below. I'll be starting around 10pm - see you there if you can make it!



Mechanical Cabaret DJ Set, Depeche Mode Party, Fri 26th June @ PURPLE TURTLE

65 Crowndale Road, Camden. London. NW1 1TN 18+


£6 Adv - www.flagpromotions.com/ Ticketweb 08700 600100
£5 with flyer, FREE with SEABOUND ticket

Seabound show details...

Doors 8pm £10 Adv (Includes free entry to Deviant Club 'til 3am)

SEABOUND (www.myspace.com/seabound)

RBN (www.myspace.com/revolutio nbynight)

AUTO AGGRESSION (www.myspace.com/autoaggre ssion)



May 20th 2009

Live photos and a new interview too

There's some great new photos online, and a video too, from the gig we played last Saturday in London at Elektrowerkz! They're all courtesy of Mr. Medwyn Jones (thanks Med) and I think they're rather nice - I hope you like them too.

Toodle pip!


April 30th 2009

Live Headline show in London!

Here's the details for the next live gig at Elektrowerkz in London on Saturday May 16th, during which we'll be playing no less than a full hour long headline set!

Cor blimey! Innit marvellous, eh?


April 28th 2009

A New video for an Old song

Here's another recently 'un-earthed' video that Graeme Robertson made, this time for the track called 'Give It To Me' off my previous album 'Product For Your Insecurity' from 2006.

Graeme suggested doing a clip for this song, even though it wasn't on a single, because it's one of his favourites and he'd had the idea to do this simple-yet-bitchy kind of 'direct to camera' style treatment for it, and it's come out really well... take a look at it on You Tube anyway, I hope you agree :)



April 27th 2009

Me? Singing in German? With my reputation?

The current single 'GBH' includes a few different versions of the song, but notably a version called 'GBH in Deutsche' which features me singing in German! 'How is this possible?' I hear you cry! Well, I had a considerable amount of help from a good friend of mine from Germany, Connie Werner, who took my original lyrics and cleverly re-interpereted them into German.

As it's such an unusual thing to have done, I asked Connie if she'd perhaps write a few paragraphs about the work we'd done together, to put on the website, which she kindly agreed to do.

So, without any further ado, I hope you enjoy reading about Connie's experiences of working on 'GBH in Deutsche', here on the Lyrics page!

Also, don't forget, the next live show is a headline gig at Elektrowerkz in London on Saturday 16th May!


April 24th 2009

More live news, another new video clip, 2 ironing boards and a saucepan.

The next Mechanical Cabaret live outing is a headline gig (whoo!) on Saturday 16th May, at Elektrowerkz in Islington, London... the full details of which can be found on none other than the Live Dates page, would you believe?!!

Also, on the Downloads page you will now find a nice wee video clip edited together by Graeme Robertson using footage he shot at the recent gig I played in Preston, set to the sound of the current single 'GBH'! This features yours truly and a load of synths, this time including Graeme's Moog Prodigy and Korg Micropreset, plus a saucepan percussion incident and two rather fetching ironing boards for stands (thanks to Jane for providing those at such short notice... x)


April 17th 2009

New Live video clip

Take a look at the Downloads page to see the first video clip to be uploaded from my recent gig at Elektrofest; Disbehave!

In it, you'll see me flitting about between playing and twiddling knobs on several different *synths, as well as singing and hitting things and so on. Anyway, I hope you like it!

{*For the synth 'enthusiasts' out there, the synths in questions were: a Jen SX1000, a JHS SD1 drum synth, an EMS Polysynthi and an EMS Synthi A}



April 13th 2009

Next Live date

The next live date is on Saturday 18th of April. I'm going to be playing for none other than Miss Jane 616 and her merry band of fellow miscreants at her fabulous 'double-ender' club night Dark-Cide/Electro-Cide in Preston! It's been a while since Mechanical Cabaret has made it back to the North of England, and I'm really looking forward to it.


March 20th 2009

New album 'Damaged Goods' and new single 'GBH' - Out Now!

The new Mechanical Cabaret album 'Damaged Goods' and the single 'GBH' have now been released by Major Records Medien GmbH. Damaged Goods is available as a CD or download, and GBH is available as a download only.

You can place an order for the CD (i.e. not the downloads!) from Major Records - just email svenja@majorrecords.de with your name and address, & the number of CD albums you want, and they'll do the rest! Major Records' CD prices are £9.90 or €10.90 and their CD Packing and Postage costs are: Germany: €2.00, Europe: €3.50, World: €6.50

Obviously you can also order the CD and preview and/or Download both the album and single from all kinds of music websites online like Music Non-Stop.co.uk(English), Musicload.de and Poponaut.de(German) but be warned, some places are charging strange prices! I even found one place selling the album for the bizarre asking price of $47.98!! A little steep perhaps...

Damaged Goods

Pretty Fucked Up

My Sex Life

Tabloid Species

Careful, Careless


Only Ever Now


Lost & Found

Ne Plus Ultra

In Loving Memory


GBH: Photography by Isabella Charlesworth 2009


GBH - Album version

GBH - Deutsch version

GBH - Real Horrorshow Remix

GBH - Real Horrorshow Remix (Radio Edit)

When Do I Get To Sing My Way? (Originally by Sparks)


Other news...

I'll be DJ'ing at the Deviant club at Purple Turtle in Camden Town on Friday 27th March, and at the forthcoming DAF concert in London on Saturday 28th March at the Islington Academy, N1 Centre,Islington, London N1. Doors for this are at 18.00hrs and you can get advance tickets for £18 from Flagpromotions.

And finally... the next live date is detailed below! Hope to see you there.




New Interview

I was recently interviewed for a great music 'zine called The P.i.X. In it I talk a lot about the new album, and you can also read it online here! Lastly, as you'll no doubt have noticed from the Twitter feed below, I've joined Twitter - so, if you fancy it, you are most welcome to follow my Tweets!





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